After a month long holiday over the Festive Season Bo’ness knocked off the 2018 ghosts and hopefully the start to a second half of the season.
As the BU arrived no sign of the coal or dram to first foot anyone, especially at our new neighbours Dunipace Westfield Park.  And the team hopefully swept the cobwebs off just before the kick off.

Dunipace opened up with all guns but the killer punch didn’t happen as the BU defence dealt with the early on slot.  Bo’ness gradually fought back and started to take control of the midfield and it was to pay off on the half hour mark when Nicky Prentice managed to rattle in a tight angle between the post and the keeper to open the scoring.

Next up was Alan Comrie who almost doubled the lead but his shot cracked of the post,   Marty Wright hit the net on the wrong side as the fans on the opposite side thought it had breached the goal again.

The home side started to step up in the final minutes of the first half and the fatal long ball catching the defence as they wondered to far up field.  Thankfully the keeper was well alert to handle the cross.  Right on half time Dunipace had a free kick and you would think they won’t score an easier goal all season and back in the game ast the half time whistle sounded

Half Time  Dunipace United 1 Bo’ness United 1

Almost from the kick off the BU earned a corner and Wright was on hand to send the visitors back in front with some fans missing it as they still were at the bar as the New Year outing was sounding good to many.

As the Pace started to work back in to the match a great chance went a begging as Andy Murphy cooled down the play.  But soon the home side were back but this time a cross went wayward and over all the heads and out.

Tiwi Daramola made it three as a miss communication between the keeper and defence game the new signing a goal he won’t find any easier as his Christmas came late or early however you want to see it and the BU had a two goal cushion and could have settled in for the points.

The home side were starting to quake in defence but the BU front line couldn’t wrap this up and with two forwards removed and the back line was built but it was to quick for some and Dunipace struck quick to make it 2-3.

Almost from the kick off the BU were not sitting back as was thought and only a couple of minutes from coming on Andy Shirra was as cool as as he made it four and this time time was running out for the Denny side. Damarola almost mad it five but his shot came back of the post and landed just right for Chris Donnelly to make it five and a good start to his Testimonial year

Full Time: Dunipace 2 Bo’ness 5


Prentice off Shirra on
Wright off and Syme on
Comrie off Snowdon on



Date Time League Season
January 5, 2019 2:30 pm EOS Conference B 2018/19



Bo’ness United

Andrew Murphy Goalkeeper
Michael McMullin Defender
Stuart Hunter Defender
Michael Gemmell Midfielder
Devon Jacobs Defender
Nicky Prentice Defender
Craig Comrie Midfielder
John MacDonald Defender
Chris Donnelly Midfielder
Marty Wright Forward
Tiwi Damarola* Forward
Andy Shirra* Midfielder
Will Snowdon Defender
Iain Syme Defender
Fraser Keast Midfielder
Yellow Cards
Red Cards