The first chance on goal was a BU free-kick but the keeper made the safe easily from Ian Nimmo.  As the BU were now getting behind the Whitehill defence with several chances for the  BU and the visiting keeper happening to be on the right spot at the right time after saving and clearing the ball, only for the returned shot was straight at the Welfare keeper.

After having a few chances and failing to capitalise with any were hit by the sucker punch as a breakup field saw the Whitehill forward put the ball away and the stunned BU wondering now what had happened and a look back at the Blackburn result a few weeks ago.

Bo’ness United 0 Whitehill Welfare 1

United still played as before the goal but again failure in front of goal was going to haunt them when they should really be in front with the chances squandered could have an impact on the league lead.

As the home side kept piling on the pressure the net wasn’t to move and wondered how long it would take for a breakthrough. Whitehill were having the odd break out their own half which gave the keeper a breather.  Then the almighty happened with a few minutes to half time a free-kick was awarded to the visitors around 20 yards and it was magnificent to see and hope someone caught it on camera as it was placed in the top corner with Andy Murphy no chance with it and as the text and twitter feeds were starting to appear many teams would be looking on as if it was a mistake as the BU now trailed by 2.

Bo’ness United 0 Whitehill Welfare 2

Now entering the final minutes of the first half and the BU came closer when Brian Morgan joined the near-miss players when his close-in shot ricochetted of the post and this was the last chance of the first period.

Half Time: Bo’ness United 0 Whitehill Welfare 2

Bo’ness started off the second half as they finished the first but again couldn’t find that final touch to start a clawback as we believe the first goal would spark United to turnaround the balance of the game.

One chance after another and we were now looking at not getting back into action and grab a point or two.  Again the visitors were on the move and again managed to get through on Andy Murphy in the BU goal and the threat was also showing to not be compliant and another goal would be a bridge too far so we have to be more switched on in our own half.

Fraser Keast made his entrance with new signing Kieran Anderson making way and it didn’t take long for him to show his weight and was fouled in the box and a penalty was awarded and Brian Ritchie stood up and calmly sent the keeper the wrong way.

Bo’ness United 1 Whitehill Welfare 2

Finally this goal which had been coming since the first half put a spark in the team and hopefully the goals may start coming.  The match continues as before with territorial advantages and endless opportunities failed to capture the BU faithful who had already accepted it wasn’t to be and well done to Whitehill for not coming and playing as though it was a certainty to lose at Newtown and took a leaf from the Blackburn match.

It didn’t hurt the league lead as both Tranent and Camelon also slipping up with Camelon going down at Hill of Beath who move into the second spot but have games to close the points gap and the main thing is Bo’ness have the points already.  It was strange to see some members looking at other results and scores on the phones and commenting on other scores. The BU has a healthy lead but must continue playing as they do and dig out results with almost half the season still to go and plenty to play for and many a good day has still to come the BU way.

On to Tuesday now and a trip to Bonnyrigg Rose from the Lowland League in the Football Nation’s Qualifying Cup 3rd round

Substitutions made.

Kieran Anderson off Fraser Keast on
Ian Nimmo off Mark McKenzie on

Attendance 280



Date Time League Season
January 25, 2020 2:30 pm East of Scotland Premier League 2019/20



Bo’ness United

Andrew Murphy Goalkeeper
Devon Jacobs Defender
Ryan Stevenson Midfielder
Stuart Hunter Defender
Ross Campbell Defender
Ian Nimmo Midfielder
Graeme MacGregor Midfielder
Brian Morgan Midfielder
Tom Grant Midfielder
Brian Ritchie Forward
Kieran Anderson Forward
Ryan Adamson Goalkeeper
Will Snowdon Defender
Fraser Keast Midfielder
Kris Faulds Midfielder
Mark McKenzie Forward
Yellow Cards
Red Cards