Bo’ness –  Murphy, Jacobs, Syme (Grant) & Campbell. Hunter, Stevenson & Comrie. Keast (Nimmo) Henderson (Snowdon), Morgan & Donnelly
SUBS: Snowdon, Keast, Grant,. Mooney

First, win on Saturday and win tonight under the lights.  With the gloom and the temperature dropping the match fairly came to life on almost 15 minutes when Devon Jacobs scored with which could only be described as a cracker with the applause from the home support

Bo’ness 1 Musselburgh 0

The pen or keyboard wasn’t finished and the lead had gone with Musselburgh equalising with a simple and easy taken goal.

Bo’ness 1 Musselburgh 1

As the match ebbed and flowed and on the half-hour mark United found themselves behind when another well-executed goal which stripped the full BU backline and Andy Murphy had to try and defend his line against the wide-open forward and he made no mistake to send the visitors in front.

Bo’ness 1 Musselburgh 2

It was almost three before this time the BU backline managed to clear. And as earlier, it was trading play with some near chances but it all came clear when I thought it was Stuart Hunter and debate as others saying it was Chris Donnelly  With Hunter getting the nod. But no one was complaining as the header went in for an equaliser and this took us to half time.

HT: Bo’ness 2 Musselburgh 2

As the free loads were still being consumed as many would miss the next goal with the thinking heads still switched off the BU allowed the visitors too much credit and the ball ended in the back of the BU goal and the long climb started again.

Bo’ness 2 Musselburgh 3

Once again the match was being played open creating chances for either side.  But when a BU attack was cleared to Brian Morgan and as the visitors tried to run out Morgan was left on the floor (which I never saw what happened).  With shouts ringing out play carried on to the home end and this time the BU managed to clear it.  With the linesman now up by the halfway line raised his concern and called the referee over.  Words were said between the BU gaffer Max Christie and the ref and a red card followed but as the restart to a heck tick few minutes the ref was back at the dugouts again with Christie still on the sideline.  When another red card was showed this time the BU assistant left the sideline but only the paperwork will explain exactly what the carry on was about.

The cards were red-hot and it was another red moment as Morgan watched as his second yellow followed a red reducing the home side to ten and a mountain to climb as this would look to have finished an entertaining match.  This was not to be the case with both sides still thinking about what had happened and as the ten-man BU headed toward the opposition goal Craig Henderson found time to cross in and the alert Fraser Keast netted with the defence all blaming each other for the blame.

Bo’ness 3 Musselburgh 3

Mussy was having the better slice of the final minutes and a free kick awarded just outside the BU box.  This was well handled for a change and cleared forwarded and Keast was flattened as he broke forward resulting in another free-kick being awarded. This was another controversial moment when Chris Donnelly went down in the box but was told to get up and play carried on.

We were starting to clock watch and with two minutes of normal time remaining Bo’ness had a corner and was swung in nobody picked up Hunter who had time to out jump the defence and headed on target for a fourth goal for the BU.

Bo’ness 4 Musselburgh 3

Now going into added time the BU was defending and Musselburgh had a free kick chasing an equaliser and the way this was playing out anything could happen.  As the support held their breath Andy Murphy saved the kick and the final whistle went.

FT: Bo’ness 4 Musselburgh 3

After a great night of football, I can now watch the Liverpool match at 11 pm and who thinks a website appears at the click of a button.  All set for Saturday and a wee trip to Dunbar. Hope the sun shines.


Iain Syme off Tom Grant on
Ian Nimmo off Fraser Keast on
Craig Henderson off Will Snowdon on



Date Time League Season
October 2, 2019 7:30 pm East of Scotland Premier League 2019/20



Bo’ness United

Andrew Murphy Goalkeeper
Devon Jacobs Defender
Iain Syme Defender
Ross Campbell Defender
Stuart Hunter Defender
Ryan Stevenson Midfielder
Craig Comrie Midfielder
Ian Nimmo Midfielder
Craig Henderson Forward
Brian Morgan Midfielder
Chris Donnelly Midfielder
Will Snowdon Defender
Fraser Keast Midfielder
Tom Grant Midfielder
Mark Mooney Midfielder
Ryan Adamson Goalkeeper
Yellow Cards
Red Cards