Newtown Park

6th October 2018

Bo’ness United v Haddington Athletic

This was a very entertaining match put in by both clubs and it wasn’t long before the BU support were celebrating as Brian Morgan knocked in a an easy tap after Allan McKenzie had a cracking shot which was parried in to the path of Morgan, Haddington were not just turning up for any occasion as they almost replied but the ball struck the post.

Midway through the first half the equaliser came when a distance shot beat Andy Murphy in the BU goal. Almost immediately from the kick off the visitors stunned the home fans as they went in front with a daisy cutter..

Bo’ness were right back on the attack and an equaliser came after half an hour when Captain Chris Donnelly levelled

Both sides were back at it as the match flowed from end to end with near shots which were well saved or off target. Then came half time which seemed to have flown in, more than what could be said about other ties.

Half Time

United took the match by the neck as they started to pound the visitors goal with the keeper doing well and others just off target.

Haddington were now starting to defend deeper as Bo’ness were now in charge but that needed goal wasn’t coming and it must have been frustrating to watch from the dugout in a cold shaded area and wondering what to do next.

Kieran Sweeney was amazed when he went down in the box with loud shouts from players and fans but the referee wasn’t interested and play rolled on.

Stevie Kerrigan was now pacing the floor as the balls were raining in on the visitor’s goal and nothing forth coming. He decided to change personnel but never seen the three subs coming on at the same time to try and get that much needed goal with twenty minutes remaining.  Andy Shirra who is the assistant coach had been on from the start which showed that the needed players were unavailable or carrying injuries. Stuart Hunter returning after suspension, Josh McDonald plus Marty Wright coming on having been out for a few weeks.  Also sitting on the bench but not fully recovered from knocks or pulls were, Josh Watt, James Rintoul. The only one who was probably fit was Alex Marshal the goal keeper.

The Haddington goal was being peppered and we all knew what usually happens with this kind of play so the fans were now starting to bite the nails as they knew they were known this season for late goals against.

Near the end the visitors were reduced to ten as the red card came out after a great play was halted.

Bo’ness were still trying for that winner but the final call was from Haddington as Murphy saved the day and the match played out nearly all Bo’ness and frustrated that they never got that winner. This ended the 100% record in the league.

El-Zubaidi off for Hunter
Shirra off for Wright
Sweeney off for McDonald


Next United travel to Dundonald Bluebell on the Football Nations Cup.


Date Time League Season
October 6, 2018 2:30 pm EOS Conference B 2018/19



Bo’ness United

Andrew Murphy Goalkeeper
Will Snowdon Defender
Iain Syme Defender
Aldin El-Zubaidi Defender
Ross Campbell Defender
Andy Shirra* Midfielder
Brian Morgan Midfielder
Chris Donnelly Midfielder
Nicky Prentice Defender
Allan MacKenzie Forward
Kieran Sweeney* Forward
Marty Wright Forward
James Rintoul* Forward
Stuart Hunter Defender
John MacDonald Defender
Josh Watt* Midfielder
Alex Marshall Goalkeeper
Yellow Cards
Red Cards