Bo’ness had the pleasure of kicking off shooting towards the Linlithgow Road end and a light wind and wet surface to help.

Edinburgh opened up on full attack as they put the BU defence to work but the defending done its job well keeping the visitors at bay and Ryan Adamson playing in goal had a touch of the ball with a couple of distance efforts.

As the BU went on the move won a good penalty with the ref calling it correct and Brian Ritchie put the home side in front.

BO’NESS 1 Edinburgh 0

The visitors kicked off but were still clouded by the penalty and the BU were soon two up when a cracking shot was saved and only managed to punch it straight into the path of Kieran Anderson with an easy goal.

BO’NESS 2 Edinburgh 0

A few minutes later and the BU were back in control and Anderson let fly from around 25 yards leaving the keeper no chance as it flew into the top corner

BO’NESS 3 Edinburgh 0

Soon after the BU’s who were in control and didn’t let up and Craig Comrie had an effort bounce off the crossbar.
Approaching the half time whistle the BU were playing well and Edinburgh wondering how they were three down and a mountain to climb in the second half.

HT: BO’NESS 3 Edinburgh 0

Edinburgh started the comeback fifteen minutes into the half and could be the goal of the match from around 25 yards that cracked the underside of the bar and into the net.

Bo’ness 3 EDINBURGH 1

As Bo’ness started to get back in control seen a few chances going a miss that could have opened up the three-goal lead again.
Edinburgh were now having the best part off the match as they attacked the home goal.
The BU were looking like the tank was about empty as they allowed the visitors to play and gifting them a few chances which will be annoying Max Christie as in other matches they have either sat back or the opponents turned on the juice.
The home side then came back to life and a few near misses and from this, they held on to the 3-1 win and now face a trip to Penicuik in the next round in a couple of weeks’ time.

Tom Grant off  Ian Nimmo on
Craig Comrie off Brian Morgan on
Kyle Turnbull off Fraser Keast on


Date Time League Season
February 19, 2020 7:30 pm League Cup 2019/20



Bo’ness United

Ryan Adamson Goalkeeper
Devon Jacobs Defender
Craig Comrie Midfielder
Will Snowdon Defender
Ross Campbell Defender
Kyle Turnbull Defender
Chris Donnelly Midfielder
Tom Grant Midfielder
Ryan Stevenson Midfielder
Brian Ritchie Forward
Kieran Anderson Forward
Kris Faulds Midfielder
Brian Morgan Midfielder
Fraser Keast Midfielder
Andrew Murphy Goalkeeper
Ian Nimmo Midfielder
Yellow Cards
Red Cards