United Are Strong As The Wind

One day you don’t want for football.is a drop in the wind by it was more a gale at times.  Bo’ness were still coming to grips with the thrashing two weeks ago at Tranent.  A new manager at Newtown and a new era about to being as Max Christie starts to explain how he managed to rip open the side he now has.

Bo’ness found themselves with the unlucky shooting towards the Band Hall End.  Apparently Burntisland won the toss and elected to play to the BU favourable side in the first half  Bo’ness only took seconds for Allan McKenzie probably the fastest league and cup goal of the season. Unfortunately I was  still writing the teams down as he made it 1-0 to the BU.

Bo’ness were starting to control the match with passing rather than cross balls to keep away from the high winds.  This way United resulted in a second goal for the BU after twenty minutes..  It came via a corner that was cleared as far as the outside of the box and it was lobbed back in and McKenzie does what he does best a head in for a 2-0 lead.

Next chance came from a penalty claim from Marty Wright which was waved away and as half attempts were made the BU took in a two al lead at half time Bo’ness .2 Burntisland 0

Bo’ness started the second period as they continued to press the visitors as it looked better to control the ball against the wind. After sixty five minutes the lead was strengthened when it was McKenzie again with a header to round off his hat trick Bo’ness 3 Burntisland 0

Within a few minutes and still writing things down it was soon four and McKenzie was involved again as he went down in the box and Brian Morgan stepped up to sink the penalty and way back for the visitors as they were still to get some dirt on goalkeeper Andy Murphy’s gloves.  Different from two weeks ago when he had to pick five in the second half. Bo’ness 4 Burtislnad 0

Within a few minutes it was sub Ryan Stevenson who scored a nice number when he saw an opportunity at the goal and and stuck it in at the post. for a five goal lead Bo’ness 5 Burntisland 0

Into the final minutes and the BU defence went to sleep as The Shipyard . side stuck one in as the ball glided over Murphy and in to the net. Bo’ness 5 Burntisland 1

The final minute of the match and the BU had a corner but looked more like a free kick from where the ball was situated and once again the Fifers keeper and defence lost another cross ball for 6-1  This time it was Marty Wright on the end of it. Bo’ness 6 Burntisland 1.

A good performance today all round but they need to stop leaking goals so easy.  Even at five up you have to be switched on as that goal could be crustal come the end of the season.

Full Time  Bo’ness United 6  Burntisland Shipyard 1


Another home match against Eyemouth United and another three points are vital and hope for a milder day and no high winds.


BO’NESS: Murphy, Jacobs, Syme Campbell & MacDonald.. Gemmell, Morgam, Donnelly & Prentice, Wright & McKenzie
SUBS: Snowdon, Comrie & McMullan , Stevenson, Keast & Marshall.

McKenzie off Stevenson on
Morgan off Comrie on
Prentice off Keast on


Date Time League Season
February 9, 2019 2:30 pm EOS Conference B 2018/19



Bo’ness United

Andrew Murphy Goalkeeper
Devon Jacobs Defender
Ross Campbell Defender
Iain Syme Defender
John MacDonald Defender
Michael Gemmell Midfielder
Brian Morgan Midfielder
Chris Donnelly Midfielder
Nicky Prentice Defender
Marty Wright Forward
Allan MacKenzie Forward
Ryan Stevenson Midfielder
Craig Comrie Midfielder
Fraser Keast Midfielder
Will Snowdon Defender
Michael McMullin Defender
Alex Marshall Goalkeeper
Yellow Cards
Red Cards