League Cup Semi Final

BO’NESS 1 (5)  BONNYRIGG 1 (4)


Bonnyrigg who are running on fumes just now after all the wins they have had and once again congratulations to them again on winning the League’

The visitors were out the trap quick and decided to press the BU and the defence stood firm until the midfield got up and running. As the BU defence were taking the bulk of the play became rather hot when Micheal Gemmell and Stuart Hunter had words.

Bo’ness were starting to get in to the match and although it was their turn to attack it ended up coming to nothing as the Rose had done earlier. As both were cancelling each other out it continued until the half time whistle went.

HT Bo’ness United 0 Bonnyrigg Rose  0

From the kick off the BU defence were still asleep as Devon Jacobs was caught napping leaving an easy knock in for the Rose to lead 0-1.  And for his mistake Jacobs also collected a caution for his efforts shortly afterwards..

Bo’ness 0 Bonnyrigg 1

United had been wakened up and were soon on the front foot and and were getting the ball in to the box but no one was on hand to finish it off.

Continuing to play in the visitors half and Brian Morgan the dead ball man had a few into the box but nothing really coming from them.  The BU continued to work well in the Bonnyrigg half but at the same time not having a big push just in case of a quick break.

As we headed in to the final quarter and and Will Snowdon who had entered as a sub had a shot on goal but the keeper was well on it but couldn’t hold it and Morgan was on hand for the equaliser.

Bo’ness 1 Bonnyrigg 1

The visitors were soon on the attack but nothing to worry the BU keeper then it was the BU back on the charge Allan McKenzie had a chance but the keeper was on it.  United were looking the stronger side at the moment, but as soon as the Rose had the ball it was easy pickings for Murphy who calmly  slowed the match doon before sending the BU forward again,

Bo’ness continued to lay siege on the Bonnyrigg box and could might have got a winner but it wasn’t to happen and the match finished as dusk fell and now heading to extra time.

FT: Bo’ness 1 Bonnyrigg 1

Almost from the kick off Bonnyrigg looked to have caught out Jacobs like the start of the second half and was shown his second yellow followed by the red and reducing the BU to ten men for the full off extra time.

the sending off didn’t make the BU flutter but they kept on the charge as before. The Bonnyrigg keeper had to be alert as a bounce ball almost sneaked in.

The Midlothian side pushed forward in the final minutes of the first period but as usual nothing was going to give and it came time for a blow as the whistle blew for the end of the half and will continue to the  final fifteen minutes

Extra Time Half Time
Bo’ness 1 Bonnyrigg 1

Bonnyrigg were to bombard the BU from the start and Murphy was on form to keep the goal clean.

Both sides were playing some good football but again cancelling each other out.  Then our visitors were really starting to make the BU dugout and fans nervy heading in to the final minutes.

It was now the BU turn in the final few minutes but it was getting dark and finally the whistle ended the match and hard to believe these penalties would be played in the dark but no Jacobs this week for the BU penalties.

Bo’ness 1 Bonnyrigg 1

Will Snowdon on Marty Wright off
John MacDonald on Ryan Stevenson off
Fraser Keast on Allan McKenzie off

Penalty shootouts are a lottery and here we go with a place in Sunday’s Final on offer.

Pen 1 Bo’ness 0 Bonnyrigg 1
Pen 2 Bo’ness (MacDonald) miss still BU 0 Bonnyrigg 1
Pen 3  Bo’ness 0 Bonnyrigg 2
Pen 4  Bo’ness 1 (Keast) Bonnyrigg 2
Pen 5  Bo’ness 1 Bonnyrigg 3
Pen 6  Bo’ness 2 (Morgan) Bonnyrigg 3
Pen 7  Bo’ness 2 Bonnyrigg 4
Pen 8  Bo’ness 3 (Snowdon) Bonnyrigg 4
Pen 9  Bo’ness 3 Bonnyrigg 4 (miss) Murphy saved
Pen 10 Bo’ness 4 *Comrie) Bonnyrigg 4
Pen 11 Bo’ness 4 Bonnyrigg 4 (miss) Murphy saved
Pem 12 Bo’ness 5 (Gemmell) Bonnyrigg 4

BO’NESS will now meet Musselburgh Athletic in the Final on Sunday at Penicuik 2pm kick off


Carmuirs Park, Camelon
Kick Off    7pm

Progression to the League Cup Semi Final in our first year of entering the EOSFA and EOSFL.  Not just us but also Bonnyrigg who have an amazing start in 2018/19 and the record they set was unbelievable,

We also have another semi final in the King Cup against either Jeanfield or Bonnyrigg and this won’t be played until this match has been concluded on the 11th May.
A third semi final was had against Haddington in the King Cup and a possible entry to the senior Scottish Cup. But an over site to the rules an ineligible player came on as a sub and we were thrown out of the cup.

Bonnyrigg played in the same Conference League as us and being runner up to the Midlothian side is an amazing achievement itself, but most of this credit has to go with Max Christie who has transformed the BU since his arrival with 10 straight league wins and 5 cup matches.  It is some start to senior life and many wishing they were still in the junior cup but that is behind us now and time to move on.


Qualifying League: Stirling Uni (a) 1-5,  Hill of Beath (a) 0-2, Inverkeithing (h) 10-0

Alex Jack Cup::

Football Nations Qualifying Cup: .Oakley (h) 7-2, Jeanfield (a) 2-4, Peebles (a) 0-2,  SEMI FINAL Camelon (a)

South Region Challenge Cup: Blackburn (a) 1-5, Eyemouth (h) 10-0, BSC Glasgow (a) 1-3, East Stirling (h) 2-0, Stirling (h) 0-0 4-2pens, FINAL East Kilbride

League Cup: Haddington (h) 5-0, Penicuik (a) 2-4, Bo:ness (a)

King Cup: Edinburgh (h) 4-0

William Hill Scottish Cup: .Hawick (a) 0-5, Shortlees (h) 3-0, Deveronvale (a) 2-1

Title Play Off Penicuik (h) 4-2, Broxburn (a) 2-3 WINNERS


Date Time League Season
May 6, 2019 7:00 pm League Cup 2018/19



Bo’ness United

Andrew Murphy Goalkeeper
Devon Jacobs Defender 46', 91'
Iain Syme ** Defender
Ross Campbell Defender
Stuart Hunter Defender
Marty Wright Forward
Ryan Stevenson Midfielder
Michael Gemmell Midfielder
Craig Comrie Midfielder
Brian Morgan Midfielder
Allan MacKenzie ** Forward
Will Snowdon Defender
Fraser Keast Midfielder
John MacDonald * Defender
Alex Marshall Goalkeeper
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

KO 46 91 91 FT