Newtown Park Drawings Revealed

We are exciting to announce the initial drawings of the new Newtown Park Community Hub for the people of Bo’ness.

These conceptual drawings have been commissioned by Newtown Park Association (N.P.A) to give the public and prospective funders a visual impression of what the inside and outside of the ‘Community Hub’ may look like.

As you will note, the ground floor is designed mainly to support the sporting element of the project and as such it is not envisaged that this area will change dramatically.

The artists impression of the space on the upper floor demonstrates the need for this area to be of multi-use and requires it to be designed to meet the needs of the community, as identified through consultation process.

The Newtown Park Association invites you to look at these drawings and we would appreciate your comments and observations as to what you think should be incorporated in the ‘Community Hub’.

Please leave your comments below.

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1 Comment

    • Carol currie
      June 12, 2017
      10:44 pm

      As a parent of a kinneil school child i have concerns about the placing of the car park entrance being so close to school gates we have had issues already regarding cars being parked silly when the ground is getting used during school time ie cards parked on pavement in between zigzag lines that are clearly marked as a no parking zone i think i won’t be the only one with concerns regarding this.


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