Our next AWAY match is on Saturday 29th April and is at Kelty.

The bus will leave the Crown at 1.20 pm and Newtown Park at 1.30 pm. Members only


Book or cancel your seat by contacting Carrie 07585 340242, Robert 07779 198493 or facebook

If your name is down for every game and you cannot go then please contact us and cancel your seat. You will be charged the bus fare if you don’t.

MEMBERS ONLY. Book your seat by contacting Carrie 07756 813237, Robert 07779 198493 or facebook. 


Although the club only play at Junior level in Scotland, we have a fans from all around the globe, from Bo’ness to Boston and Stirling to Sydney.

If you would like to join the Bo’ness United Supporters Club, please use the form on this page to let us know your details for your application and someone from the Supporters Club will be in note, all details are kept private and your personal details will never be made public.
Contact: Carrie 07756 813237, Robert 07779 198493

Application To Join The Supporters Club
Applications are currently CLOSED